The Many Hats of an Athletic Therapist


My goal here is to explain what roles athletic therapists take on, and what I can do for you to ensure you work, play, and enjoy life to the utmost of your abilities.

Have you ever watched a professional or college sport on TV and someone has gotten injured on the field?  If so, you’ve probably noticed the khaki-clad individuals with fanny packs and towels rushing onto the field to aid the injured athlete.  Well, that’s me.  But that’s not all I do.  Here is a breakdown of what I bring to the healthcare table at Momentum Health.


Concussion Care


As a certified Shift Concussion Management provider, I can help manage your concussion by providing baseline testing (to establish a benchmark for follow-up testing should you suffer a concussion), concussion recognition and recovery.  Even if I do not have a baseline value for you, I can provide the care and rehabilitative guidance necessary for a full recovery.


Injury assessment & rehabilitation


During my time as an athletic therapist, I have assessed and rehabilitated individuals who have suffered a wide variety of injuries.  From broken bones to sprained ligaments, strained muscles to the dreaded “sore back”, and everything in between, I have a proven track record of helping people recover function, eliminate pain, and strengthen specific areas of weakness.On-field event coverage

Throughout my career I have covered a wide variety of events including, but not limited to:  track and field, football, soccer, basketball, volleyball, speed skating, local marathon and half marathon events, and triathlon.  Event coverage includes emergency and non-emergency on-field care, athletic taping, along with warm-up and cool-down routines.


Athletic taping


Many athletes require supportive taping on structures such as the ankle, wrist or elbow.  I provide these services, typically while on-site covering a sporting event.  However, quick appointments for athletic taping can be made to ensure extra support for both work and sport.

As a competitive distance runner for 20+ years, I understand how tough an injury can be both on the body and the mind.  I’ve suffered my fair share, that’s for sure!  Injuries happen.  If you happen to suffer an injury, keep me in mind to help you get back on your field of play, whatever that may be!