With all the rain we’ve been having (and the impending snow), it can bring in a lot of mud, leaves, and debris. We really appreciate you taking the time to remove your shoes before you come into the clinic.

We appreciate you! 🥇

We hope your Thanksgiving ticked off all the boxes! (although we hope you got some 💤)

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Functional Friday 💪 featuring the Hinge - aka. the Deadlift

This movement is essential to picking things up and putting them down. The hinge is the most fundamental, natural, and authentic way to move an object (which is why it’s important to do it right!)

The deadlift and hinge exercises are essential to strengthening your back, glutes, and legs, which are often weak from lots of daily sitting 🪑

1️⃣ hinge at the hips combined with hip & knee flexion/extension.
2️⃣ feet shoulder width apart, feet flat and connected with the floor throughout the heel, mid foot, and toes.
3️⃣ set up with your legs parallel to the floor, brace your core and maintain a flat, neutral spine. Keep the weight or object as close to your body as possible, and extend your hips and legs simultaneously until you are standing up straight in full hip extension.

You should not feel like you are “pulling” with your back, but instead like you are driving the weight up using your hips (the hinge).

Key Exercises To Master the Hinge:
🟠 the Airplane: requires balance, but can be adapted with hands braced on the wall. This exercise is good for mobilizing the hips and creating stability throughout your core, hips, legs, and back. Essential for a good hinge! After one round of this you will feel it 😅
🟠the Hinge to Squat:
Practicing your full hinge (without lumbar/low-back flexion) is key to keeping your spine safe during these exercises, but is also a great way to warm up your hips and legs. This exercise can be incorporated into your every day warmup routine! Add increased resistance with a medicine ball for a greater challenge!

Happy Friday!

Do you like early morning treatments? Then we have something for you! Introducing our new Registered Massage Therapist Emily Bissonnette! She has recently joined the Momentum Health team to provide early morning massage times.

Emily is originally from Kamloops, BC, but moved to the Okanagan in 1997. Growing up and participating in competitive gymnastics exposed her to the importance of musculoskeletal health at an early age. This experience progressed into an interest in health and wellness. By 2011, she completed the 3000-hour massage therapy diploma from the Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy (located in Vernon, BC). After 5 years of practice, she went back to school again and completed a Bachelor of Health Sciences and Psychology. She has worked in multidisciplinary clinics, supervised Massage Therapy students, and conducted research. She wants to develop a treatment plan that is specifically tailored to your goals, capabilities, and present state. All ages and stages of life are welcome in her practice.

Call the clinic or take a look online to book with Emily at 7:00am, 8:15am, or 9:30am!


Employees who bike to work get the best parking spots!
Patients who bike/walk to their chiropractic appointment get $5 off! 😉

What a lovely long long weekend! Hope you’re all feeling refreshed and ready for September.

Our lovely hibiscus 🌺 is definitely ready for the weeks ahead!

We can’t wait to see you again!

Hope everyone has a wonderful long weekend, see you back in the clinic on Tuesday ! ...

🎉 Book now with our Registered Dietitian, Sandra Thies!

Once you book your initial appointment, you will have the option to choose a package bundle of treatments that best suit you, your benefits, and your health!

Choose from the:

🥉 Bronze Nutriton Package (1 initial, 2 follow-ups)
🥈 Silver Nutrition Package (1 initial, 4 follow-ups)
🥇 Gold Nutrition Package (1 initial, 6 follow-ups)

OR, for those looking for pre, peri, or post-natal care, Sandra is offering

🍼 The Perinatal Program Tier 1
🤰 The Perinatal Program Tier 2

Give us a call (778)484-6070 for additional information or check out Sandra’s website embracingintuition.ca

💥Dynamic Trio💥 #rmt #kinesiology #chiropractor ...

A warm welcome to Jessica Johal, RMT! Jessica will be filling in for our RMT Sara Haylow for the month of August. Jessica is excited to getting her toes wet working at Momentum!

After leaving the corporate world to complete yoga teacher training in India, Jessica was motivated to continue searching for a role that would allow her to help people inhabit their bodies comfortably, functionally and joyfully. Through massage therapy, Jessica is committed to serving the health and well-being of her clients.

Jessica graduated from Vancouver’s Langara College where she had the opportunity to work with a variety of clients such as professional dancers, recreational athletes and pregnant people as well as infants and people with MS and spinal cord injury.

She will be available for online booking today and does have openings this week! Hop on your accounts and book in for a massage with Jessica!

Do you have good hips? Try this fun test to see where you’re at!
What does this show us? The Shoe Drill tests everything from hip range of motion and joint proprioception to strength and mobility. 🏃‍♂️
Watch our RMT Sara Haylow try it out (pre-crutches of course), and we want YOU to try the drill too! Take a video and tag us @momentumhealthkelowna to show us how you did!