Sports Injuries

At Momentum Health, our practitioners possess extensive knowledge across various sports and injury categories. They offer comprehensive assessment, treatment, and preventive strategies tailored to your needs. What sets us apart is that our practitioners are not only highly trained professionals but are also active members of our vibrant community. They are intimately familiar with the diverse range of activities available in the beautiful Okanagan. This firsthand experience allows them to provide personalized care that takes into account the specific demands of local sports and recreational pursuits.

Movement Analysis

Gait Analysis

We conduct a thorough evaluation of your stance, running, and walking patterns to pinpoint underlying muscle, nerve, or skeletal issues. Identifying irregularities in your gait is crucial as it can impact pain levels, balance, and posture. Through our assessment, practitioners identify imbalances and devise personalized treatment plans to correct your walking or running patterns.

Exercise Form Correction

Proper form during workouts is paramount for safeguarding joints and optimizing strength gains. Factors such as body mechanics, mobility, and strength imbalances can contribute to incorrect form. By determining the most effective approach for your body, we ensure exercises are performed safely and efficiently, thereby enhancing satisfaction and performance.


Performance Enhancement

Strength Improvement

Our interventions aim to enhance strength, aiding in your overall performance.

Pain and Soreness Management

We provide strategies to manage pain and soreness, facilitating quicker recovery and improved performance.


Taping techniques are employed to aid in injury healing and prevention, providing biomechanical support and joint stability.


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